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We push limits. You win. It’s that simple. ONIX Pickleball paddles are tested and proven. We have the gold medals to show for it. We offer pickleball paddles for every level of player from our top-of-the-line performance pickleball paddles to our aspiring intermediate player pickleball paddles, to starting out recreational pickleball paddles. No matter the level you play, our equipment produces results. ONIX Pickleball is PROVEN. We know that the secret to giving you the advantage is in our engineering. That’s why we are devoted to ensuring every one of our athletes has the best paddle and ball for their game. We never stop developing gear to revolutionize the sport. ONIX Pickleball is proven to deliver.

We offer all different pickleball paddles for different levels of play, different age ranges, or different preferences in general. You can choose from so many different shapes, sizes, and colors within the ONIX Pickleball paddle lineup. From tournament paddles to performance paddles, and all types of recreational paddles – ONIX has it all. Pickleball paddles make great gifts any time of the year for someone looking to kickstart their pickleball game or maybe need to upgrade their equipment. ONIX offers some of the most popular and well versed pickleball paddles on the market amongst all different types of pickleball players.

In order to pick the correct pickleball paddle, you will want to understand what to look for.

Each paddle is unique and different and finding the best paddle proven to produce results for your game can be daunting. Yet, learning the simple terminology about pickleball paddles, types of materials, shapes, faces, and weights, can help make this buying process a breeze.

To help the process of picking a paddle even more, ONIX offers a quiz you can take, the paddle selector questionnaire, in order to help narrow down which paddle you should play with!