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Tournament Pickleball paddles

ONIX pushes the limits. Players continue to win with top of the line performing tournament pickleball paddles. ONIX products are tested and proven time and time again by the best of the best pickleball players. And there are gold medals to show for it. Browse the ONIX line of tournament pickleball paddles, which are the choice of the top pickleball athletes playing at the highest level.

The Malice Double Bridge Open Throat Paddle offers great control and touch, and offers a rubber insert in the ‘double-bridge’ that helps reduce vibration. The carbon fiber Power Frame wraps the entire paddle providing extra strength for the most rigorous pickleball play.

Similar to the Malice DB, the Malice Open Throat paddles also offer great control and touch. The tennis handle is filled with high-density foam to enhance comfort while reducing vibration. The Malice features a polypropylene honeycomb core insert for better touch, power, and pop in a medium weight pickleball paddle.

Experience the unmatched performance power in a medium-weight paddle weighing 7.8-8.2 oz. with a composite face. Choose between the 14mm and the 16mm style of Mayhem pickleball paddles. The 14mm style is best for better control and the 16mm style is for maximum control. The ONIX premium perforated grip provides increased comfort, tackiness as well as shock absorption. The Mayhem paddles are pro performance paddles used often in professional pickleball tournaments.

Available in orange and pink and 4 different sizes, the Evoke Premier Raw Carbon paddles increase traction on the ball for maximum spin and control without sacrificing any pop or power. The polypropylene core provides a lightweight and durable paddle with excellent all-around maneuverability. This lightweight pickleball paddle is also constructed with a non-slip, comfort grip that makes it easy to control on the court. These paddles are used by many pro players, including multiple Team ONIX professional players, across the country. This paddle is a new-found fan favorite tournament paddle.

The Evoke Premier CT16 Pickleball Paddles are also used by many professional players across the board. The thicker core provides excellent control and touch, and a composite face and polypropylene core for excellent tournament play. The paddle has a widebody head shape with 4 ¼” grip size. The paddle also features a composite fiber face with polypropylene honeycomb core. The paddle comes in four different colors — red, white, black, and blue. Since launching the original CT-16 Evoke Premier pickleball paddle, ONIX recently redesigned the graphics of the paddle face to this new style.

The paddle uses an edge guard specifically designed to disperse shock while increasing power and swing-speed to the paddle, called Atomic13 Edge Technology. The DF Composite face provides a consistent minimal coating on the surface to soften the ball without losing any spin or pop off the composite face. This paddle is a fan favorite and one of ONIX Pickleball’s top selling paddles for years.