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It does not matter what level of pickleball player you are, regardless of whether you are a professional or just learning the game - from USA Pickleball Approved tournament balls to casual play balls, we have the choice of the best indoor pickleballs and outdoor pickleballs for every preference. We own this space. Our outdoor pickleballs are used more often in pro tournaments than any other pickleball.

Dura Fast-40 Balls

The official ball of the Pickleball Canada tournaments, each Dura Fast 40 Pickleball is manufactured to exacting standards as a seamless one-piece ball before our hole pattern is machined into it. The attention to detail in this process creates the longest lasting, highest quality pickleball on the market today. Choose from two different colors – neon or yellow. Our Dura balls are available in a 4-pack of each color as well as a 100-pack box in each color as well.

Fuse G2 Outdoor Balls

These outdoor pickleballs are specifically designed and optimized for pickleball, providing the truest flight and most authentic bounce available. The Fuse G2 outdoor pickleballs have exceptional seam welding offering greater durability and resists splitting. The superior balanced ball is strategically aligned with precision-drilled holes. Featuring smaller holes and precise weighting, the Fuse G2 ball delivers optimal rebound and resists wind interference. The balls meet USAPA requirements for outdoor tournament pickleball play, making them another ONIX Pickleball ball that can be used for tournament needs. These balls are also available in yellow and neon-green colors.

Fuse Indoor Balls

These pickleball balls are ready to play right out of the box, no wearing in or forming of any kind is required to make acceptable for pickleball play. They create a great consistency between indoor and outdoor game play, and these are also approved by USA Pickleball for tournament levels of play as well. These indoor pickleballs are specifically designed and optimized for the game of pickleball, they provide the truest flight and the most authentic bounce available. The Fuse indoor pickleball balls have exceptional seam welding that offers greater durability and also resists splitting over time. The superior balanced ball is strategically aligned with precision-drilled holes. The indoor pickleball provides a larger hole pattern and less bounce off of indoor courts, such as concrete surfaces or gymnasium floors. These balls come in orange and yellow for color.

Pure 2 Outdoor Balls

The ONIX Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball Ball is specifically designed and manufactured for the game of pickleball; the ball provides the true flight technology and the most authentic bounce available. Featuring smaller holes and precise weight, the Pure 2 outdoor pickleball delivers optimal rebound on outdoor courts and resists wind interference. This ball offers true flight technology along with authentic bounce and feel, great durability and better balance throughout play. You can choose from a yellow six pack of pickleballs or you can also buy in bulk with 100 yellow pickleballs.

Recruit Pure Indoor and Outdoor Balls

Before pickleball was as popular as it is now, lot of pickleball balls on the market were designed for baseball practice and training and not made to offer the playability demanded by high-level pickleball players. The Recruit Pure Pickleball both indoor and outdoor offer players a ball that is designed specifically for the sport and offers premium, consistent performance. These balls will train you to play like the pros with equipment designed by players for players. The Recruit by ONIX Pickleball Pure Outdoor ball is engineered to offer the best performance of any ball on the market. With pioneering technologies in production and material design, the Pure ball takes performance and the sport of pickleball to another level.