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We are as passionate about our craftsmanship as the pickleball players are who use our equipment. Every day we design performance solutions that make you better. At ONIX Pickleball, we never stop researching, developing, and engineering the highest performing gear that brings home both hardware and pride. We talk and listen to our athletes to create paddles for players by players. We are ONIX. 

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We know that the secret to giving you the advantage is in our engineering. That’s why we are devoted to ensuring every one of our athletes has the best paddle and ball for their game. We never stop developing gear to revolutionize the sport. ONIX Pickleball is proven to deliver.

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We look to our players for expertise in developing innovative pickleball equipment with professional-level refinement. Our phenomenal players play in national pickleball tournaments across the country, representing Team ONIX and the excellence that we strive for every day.

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