Performance Paddles

ONIX offers a lineup of multiple different pickleball paddles to choose from at our performance/intermediate level of play. These types of paddles are great for aspiring pickleball players striving to reach the next level of play.

The Outbreak Paddle offers a medium-weight, graphite face that is reinforced by woven carbon fiber for better control and touch without adding any extra weight to the paddle, giving players the ability to have pinpoint control on their shots on the court. The paddle balances power and speed for all around performance and the polypropylene core has an increased thickness for better touch to absorb shock while still delivering baseline power and a large, sweet spot.

The Z7 Pickleball Paddle offers an even balanced performance with a lightweight, soft, carbon fiber surface along with a polypropylene core for better control and touch. This paddle is great for the player looking for excellent control and touch with a tapered paddle face shape to allow for more response time. This paddle is offered in multiple colors – orange, blue, yellow, and grey.

The Summit Outbreak Pickleball Paddle offers a lengthened surface with a graphite face reinforced with carbon fiber for greater touch and control. The elongated paddle surface offers an improved reach, touch, and control with a shorter handle that provides easier court coverage all in one.

The ONIX Summit C1 elongated pickleball paddle is similar to the original Summit paddle but features a composite face for more spin than ever before. The Summit paddles have a radically new design that features an elongated hitting surface paired with a shortened handle, offering players a new way to grip their paddle. Designed with a table tennis handle and lengthened playing surface, the ONIX Summit C1 pickleball racket allows players to grip the underside of the paddle for a longer reach and better control.

The React Pickleball Paddle is a hybrid of the two most popular cores – polypropylene and nomex. This paddle offers patent-pending Fusion Core technology that delivers great touch and maximum power in the sweet spot. The graphite face is a light-weight material for added speed, pop, and maneuverability. The widebody paddle shape extends the width of an oversized paddle shape for the larger sweet spot. The React paddle is available in two colors – shop for the green or black pickleball paddles. The React pickleball paddle is USA Pickleball Approved and meets all the requirements for tournament play.

The Evoke Pro Pickleball Paddle was created with a specific weight and feel while also offering maximum control and spin throughout play. This paddle features a widebody shape that extends the largest, sweet spot for better contact with the pickleball. The precise cut of the polypropylene core produces incredible touch with a composite face delivering better power and strength to shots on the court.

The Vertex Paddle is a great composite face, heavyweight paddle that offers more surface area for a quicker reaction time and better volleying opportunities. The heavy weight of the paddle allows for increased power of each shot. Since the paddle offers a ‘blocker’ shape paired with a shortened handle, this gives players a new way to grip the paddle without minimizing the surface area. The precision cut of the core produces great touch with a composite face providing more spin and maximum control.

The Voyager Pro offers a premium-coated graphite face and a precision-cut polypropylene core for increased control of shots. The widebody paddle shape of the Voyager offers the larger sweet spot for better touch. The calculated construction allows players to put the perfect spin and torque on the ball play after play.

The Z5 pickleball paddles are some of the most popular within the ONIX lineup of paddles. Offered in multiple different colors, the Z5 pickleball paddles offer the perfect balance between power and speed while providing wonderful ball control and touch in a medium-weight paddle. All Z5 pickleball paddles meet and are approved by the USAPA and USA Pickleball requirements, making them acceptable for all official tournament play.