Pickleball Paddle Reviews From Pro Players

At ONIX, we recently released an all-new line of pickleball paddles, which have been thoroughly play tested by our professional pickleball players competing in tournaments across the country. As our pros have been play testing, they have seen the impact the paddles have on their own game and are ready to share their thoughts. Let’s see what some of them have to say about our new paddles: the Malice, Malice DB, Mayhem, and Raw Carbon.  

Mayhem Pickleball Paddle

Ryan Trefry, professional pickleball player for Team ONIX and Director of Pickleball at Legacy Sports, enjoys playing with both the ONIX Mayhem paddle during competition.  He states that the Mayhem has a nice long grip which he enjoys for his two-hand backhand. Trefry adds that the paddle has “great touch, and you can also generate good power with the composite face. Due to its Power Frame, the paddle is very stable for all shots. The sweet spot is extra-large which helps with off-center shots. It comes in different widths, so you can choose the perfect paddle for yourself.”

ONIX sponsored player Dave Furman also speaks highly of the Mayhem paddle stating that the 14mm and 16 mm are good options for an A frame paddle that feels like a tennis racket. He states that “the longer handle for the 2 handed backhand players and a composite face that helps generate ultimate power while not sacrificing control and spin.” The Mayhem paddle also features a polypropylene honeycomb core insert for better touch, power, and pop. To learn more about the Mayhem paddle from ONIX, click the link here.

Raw Carbon Pickleball Paddle

The Evoke Premier Raw Carbon paddles have been the most anticipated ONIX product to date. Another ONIX Pro Player, Altaf Merchant, has some good key notes from using our Raw Carbon paddles within his own pickleball play. Merchant states that all four styles of Raw Carbon paddles are ideal for different types of players, although he is partial for the ones he tends to grab for more often.

He states, “I played PPA Scottsdale with 10mm. Played Florida PPA with 12mm. Also play tested the 14mm. WOW! I loved all three paddles. Lots of power and additional spin. The 14mm has insane feel and control. My style is very defensive, so I settled on the 12mm to give me that additional power and add punch to my game.” To see the different types of ONIX Raw Carbon paddles all out now, click the link here.

ONIX sponsored player, Steve Cole used an Evoke Premier paddle for years and recently made the switch to our Raw Carbon after doing well at a tournament. He provides another positive testimony for these paddles stating that almost all the pros are using the Raw Carbon fiber paddles because they are very powerful and provide a lot of spin. “It’s as if a paddle face is one big, gigantic, sweet spot,” Cole says. “If you are not using Carbon Fiber yet, it will totally change your game; give it a try today,” added the pro player in his testament.  

Pro Ryan Trefry also used the Raw Carbon for some rec play as well as tournament and says, “the paddle plays very nicely. It has a very large, sweet spot and has the raw carbon face, which allows you to add an enormous amount of spin to the ball. It comes in four different widths so you can pick the exact type of power/touch you are looking for.”

Malice and Malice DB Paddles

The paddles with great control and touch are the ONIX Malice and Malice DB pickleball paddles. Pro player Dave Furman also enjoys the Malice paddles. While playing and experimenting with these paddles, he concluded that the paddles “swing and maneuver effortlessly with good balance, power, and overall feel.” He also stated that these are “unique paddles with an open throat or double bridge as well as the A-frame design, with a built-in dampener and available in 14mm and 16mm.” To learn more about our Malice and Malice DB paddles, be sure to check out our website.

To see and learn even more about our new line of ONIX Performance paddles, visit our website and see which one suits your pickleball play and style. We also have a quiz on our website you can take to see which type of paddle would be best for your specific type of play, whether you are a recreational player or a 5.0 player. Our paddles are tested and proven time after time, we are here to deliver top of the line equipment. Check out ONIX today.