ONIX and Evansville Garage Doors give back to Fire Department Houses

Escalade Sports is proud to partner with Evansville Garage Doors in donating pickleball paddles, portable pickleball nets, and packs of pickleballs to all 14 houses of the heroic men and women of the Evansville Fire Department. This comes as a ‘thank you’ for their efforts in extinguishing the massive fire over this past New Year’s holiday weekend that took place in the warehouse that neighbors Escalade Sports and Evansville Garage Doors businesses in Evansville.

the onix pickleball team donating pickleball equipment to the Evansville fire department

“We were sparked with the idea when I drove by a local fire station and saw the first responders playing pickleball outside during a break,” says Brock Lance, VP of Sales/Business Development at Evansville Garage Doors. “We wanted to team up and give back as a thank you for all their hard work keeping the city safe.”

During the neighboring warehouse fire, Escalade Sports and Evansville Garage Doors employees quickly worked to give firefighters access to parts of their buildings such as parking lots, right of ways, and hydrants to battle and contain the fire, which in turn alleviated risks to their facilities. These two local businesses wanted to show their appreciation for the bravery and service to the community that was shown by giving ONIX Pickleball equipment manufactured by Escalade Sports to those individuals on the Evansville Fire Department.

“When we were approached with the idea, we couldn’t wait to jump on the opportunity to donate our ONIX Pickleball paddles, balls, and nets to these brave men and women,” says Emily Patton, Brand Manager at Escalade Sports in Evansville, Indiana. “Pickleball is a great way to stay active and have fun. In addition to the equipment donation, Escalade is proud to host the firemen’s annual pickleball tournament The Golden Paddle inside Escalade’s building on our two indoor pickleball courts. We hope this small gesture shows how much we appreciate the incredible work they do every day.”

ONIX Pickleball donates to local fire department
pickleball company donates pickleball equipment to local fire department
pickleball paddles sitting on a fire truck
In November, ONIX Pickleball and Escalade Sports hosted members of the Evansville Fire Department for their annual Golden Paddle pickleball tournament at Escalade Sports' indoor pickleball courts. This is the third annual tournament. It was an honor to see these heroes playing with the donated paddles. At ONIX Pickleball, we love sharing the love of pickleball with everyone we can and offering our space to play.
For more information about this pickleball donation or the Evansville Fire Department's Golden Paddle pickleball tournament, please reach out to Emily Patton at epatton@escaladesports.com. Thank you to Evansville Garage Doors for their partnership.