Pickleball Gifts for Dad

Looking for Gift Ideas for Dad for Father’s Day? ONIX Pickleball Has You Covered!

We’ve curated a gift guide perfect for showing dad how much we love him and to spark ideas for pickleball playing loved ones. So today and every day, we thank you dads for all you do. From all of us at ONIX Pickleball, Happy Father’s Day!

ONIX Malice DB Paddle

For the dad with a competitive streak, the Malice DB is an excellent choice! This high-performance paddle features a lightweight, durable design, making it easy to handle. It’s advanced polypropylene core and DF Composite face provide high power, ensuring that every shot has the potential for maximum impact.

ONIX Summit Outbreak Paddle

Perfect for the tech-savvy father, the newest paddle in ONIX's Summit Outbreak combines both incredible technology and a lengthened paddle playing surface. The all-new Summit Outbreak features a graphite face reinforced by woven carbon fiber for better touch and control without adding weight and an elongated paddle shape first seen in our Summit C1 paddle.

Summit C1 Paddle ONIX Pickleball

ONIX DURA Fast-40 Ball

The gift that keeps on giving — extra pickleballs. Make sure Dad is always ready for his next game of pickleball with the DURA Fast-40. The DURA Fast-40 is the ball used in more pro tournaments than any other pickleball.


ONIX Pickleball Hat

Dad is about to be the best dressed at the court. The ONIX Hat is a stylish and functional choice. Made from breathable fabric, this hat will keep dad col and comfortable during intense games.

ONIX Eyewear

Don't let dad get hit in the eye while playing pickleball simply because he's good at it. Get him our Eagle Eyewear, this set includes three lens color options – clear, smoke, and blue tint, built to withstand the rigors of competitive pickleball play.

ONIX eagle eyewear pickleball

ONIX Backpacks

Help make it easier for Dad to carry all your pickleball gear — oh and his stuff, too! We now carry a complete line of pickleball backpacks designed specifically to carry paddlesballsapparel, and water bottles. Chose any one of seven different options perfect for Dad!

ONIX Paddle Cover

In pickleball, Dad’s paddle is his most important piece of equipment. The ONIX Pickleball Paddle Covers are designed to protect your ONIX paddle when not in use and when on the go. The heavy-duty materials withstand tough abuse and is designed to coordinate with ONIX Sport Bags.

ONIX Teaching Cart

For the dad who enjoys enhancing his training sessions, the teaching cart is the perfect solution. These sturdy, high-capacity carts are designed to hold and transport numerous pickleballs, making training sessions more efficient and organized. With smooth-rolling wheel, this cart can maneuver anywhere on the court.

ONIX teaching cart- pickleball

Need additional ideas for gifts for your dad or family members? Visit onixpickleball.com to shop our entire Pro Shop lineup.

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