Pickleball Gifts for Mom

Looking for Gift Ideas for Mom for Mother’s Day? ONIX Pickleball Has You Covered!

We’ve curated a gift guide perfect for showing mom how thankful we are for her and to spark ideas for your pickleball playing loved ones. So today and every day, we thank you moms for all you do. From all of us at ONIX Pickleball, Happy Mother’s Day!

Evoke Premier Paddle

Our pro pickleball players compare this pickleball paddle to being in autopilot, and it is time mom gets a break from driving everyone around. The Evoke Premier paddle is the most powerful and solid paddle in our lineup.

Pickleball Apparel

When you look good, you play good. Deck Mom out in Kitch Pickleball’s signature ONIX Pickleball apparel collection. Shop t-shirts, tanks, shorts, skorts, hats, and more at Kitch’s website!

Summit C1

Sometimes moms need an extra hand and the Summit C1 pickleball paddle delivers that extra reach! Designed with a table tennis handle and lengthened playing surface, the ONIX Summit C1 allows players to grip the underside of the paddle for a longer reach and better control.

ONIX Pickleball Backpack

Mom’s purse is basically all the stuff you don’t want to carry, so she needs an upgrade. The backpack is designed to carry pickleball paddles, pickleballs, apparel, and water bottles in five zippered storage areas to keep this equipment safe and secure during travel.

DURA Fast-40 Ball

Help mom maintain her always prepared status with extra pickleballs on hand. The DURA Fast-40 is the ball used in more pro tournaments than any other pickleball.

Need additional ideas for gifts for your mom or family? Visit onixpickleball.com to shop our entire Pro Shop lineup.