Pickleball Court Accessories

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to pickleball court accessories. Whether you are a pickleball professional teaching new players, someone running a camp, planning your own residential pickleball court, or outfitting a club introducing a new sport, ONIX has all the gear you could need to help complete your full set-up.

Pickleball Nets

Play pickleball anytime, anywhere with ONIX’s 2-in-1, high quality, durable, easy to assemble portable practice net. This net is multi-purpose and can be used in any gym space, local park, or even the driveway for pickleball practice – allowing you to take the game anywhere you desire. The net can be easily stored in a compact bag when you are done using. The net is USA Pickleball (USAPA) regulation size (36"H x 22'W), making it great for tournaments or casual games. You can remove the regulation-size net and place the second 36" H x 11' W portable practice net onto the posts. We also offer pickleball net weights that are great to keep anything, such as the practice net, in place and weighted down. The net weights can even be used for anything that needs to be weighed down, such as a canopy, tent, and even more.

Another net that ONIX offers is the Pro Pickleball Net. This net is a top performance net suitable for tournament play at the professional level for both indoor and outdoor pickleball courts. The net features wheels that allow for ease of movement and ability to be set up on any court and locked in a static position. The Pro Net can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces and is weather treated for year-round use, however we recommend you store it indoors during off season for a prolonged life. The frame features stabilizer legs on both sides of the pickleball net for improved safety for players. The net comes with a Velcro center strap to meet the 34” center height regulation.

Pickleball Carts

ONIX offers two different carts used for transporting and carrying any pickleball storage. The ONIX Pickleball Teaching Cart is super convenient for storage and can hold up to 320 pickleballs at once; it is perfect for camps, clinics, private lessons, and more. The teaching cart is made with a heavy coated wire basket along with four heavy duty ball-bearing swivel wheels for ease of movement. The cart is easily able to fit through gates and doorways that are typically on pickleball courts. This cart makes it easy to store and keep large quantities of pickleballs safe and easy to grab in between drills. While the teaching cart is able to be easily moved, it also comes equipped with locking brakes so you won’t have to worry about the cart rolling away.

The other type of teaching cart ONIX has to offer is the Portable Pickleball Cart. Much like the Pickleball Teaching Cart, the Portable Teaching Cart offers an easy and convenient way to store and access multiple pickleballs at once for multi-purpose uses. This Portable Pickleball Cart is able to store 120 pickleball balls at once and is designed to easily roll on pickleball courts and any other smooth surface. This cart is able to quickly reduce in size and broken down in order to fit in a vehicle to offer mobility and even more convenience. It also includes a durable nylon bag with a zipper that clips securely to the top, a patented cross brace to offer support under the ball bag, and a lightweight aluminum frame.