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Paddle for a Purpose

Every year throughout the month of October, ONIX Pickleball donates $10,000 to the Indiana Women in Need Foundation (IWIN) to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Throughout the month, ONIX offers a complete line of pink pickleball products including our top selling paddles – the normal Evoke Premier paddle as well as the Raw Carbon paddles; these paddles are used by many pickleball professionals. The pink line of products also includes sports bags and backpacks, sweatbands, paddle covers, and paddle over grip. All products bought from this line go straight to the IWIN to support Breast Cancer research. Also at the end of the month, ONIX will do a giveaway where ten, random individuals who enter, have the chance to win some of the pink pickleball products.

The IWIN Foundation has supported breast cancer treatment and individuals with breast cancer statewide for years; they do this by securing and paying for individual services that help with emotional, physical, and financial burdens. The IWIN Foundation is an innovative, non-profit organization that has a vision built on passion, dedication, and integrity, and where communities feel called to support their mission. They strive to grow and be recognized as the “neighbor next door” to all Indiana individuals enduring breast cancer.