Matthew Boyett

Team ONIX Pickleball Player, Matthew Boyett, has been playing pickleball since 2015. He got into pickleball from his now mother-in-law inviting him to play with her at their local recreation center. Once he got there, he watched a video on how to play and has not stopped playing and enjoying the game since. Now, he even teaches pickleball to other players on average about 30 hours a week. Boyett is originally from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, but now resides about an hour north of Austin, Texas, with his wife.

Boyett enjoys pickleball because it has given him an outlet to be competitive but has also provided him with so many great, new relationships. “I love how social it is. I also like being a part of a sport that continues to grow and evolve. I feel like you can never feel satisfied with your game, you always have to keep pushing to adapt to new strategies in the game,” he adds. Since coaching, he considers himself very fortunate to have met so many other great coaches and players. He has taught camps in Mexico, Costa Rica, and multiple in Texas with many other pro level pickleball players.

Boyett uses the ONIX 16mm Evoke Premier Raw Carbon and likes it because of the wide body shape with the longer handle. He explains that the 16mm paddle has plenty of pop as well as great touch for his mid-court game. He elaborates, “my counter volleys feel great with the wide body shape that provides plenty of a sweet spot.”

The Raw Carbon pickleball paddle's raw carbon fiber surface texture increases traction on the pickleball for maximum spin and control without sacrificing pop and power. 

Boyett is proud that he started as a true beginner of pickleball and has worked his way to be a 5.0 level medalist in the sport. He is currently working to get ready to play at Pro and Open Pickleball events.

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