Carrina de Vera

Carrina de Vera discovered pickleball through a conversation with friends about 8 years ago and she immediately became very interested in the sport because it sounded like good exercise that sounded like fun. She then learned pickleball was offered at a local YMCA, and that is when her addiction to the sport began. She played pickleball recreationally, began competing in pickleball tournaments, and then started to coach and teach others the game.

Pickleball is a passion for Carrina, and she says that it has completely transformed her life. She is very grateful that she has many opportunities to play, to share, and to grow the sport of pickleball.  Her family moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from the Philippines when she was very young. As she grew up, her dad taught the family tennis, and she went on to play that sport throughout most of her life and in college as well. Her dad had always said that if you can play tennis, you can play anything. Carrina explains that she took that statement to heart, and she has excelled in many other sports as well as pickleball such as basketball, softball, and volleyball. She was a ranked junior player for tennis, and in college was a two-time MVP for the University of Pittsburgh. Outside of pickleball, Carrina enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking, traveling, and exploring different places. She loves practicing martial arts and yoga, and she also enjoys trying delicious food.

“Through coaching, I enjoy the connection I have with players to help them improve and to have an impact on something that they like doing,” Carrina says about her experience since she started coaching pickleball.  

Carrina is grateful for the support of ONIX, and she states that “being a part of Team ONIX helps me teach, train, and travel. I love the ONIX logo and play with the ONIX Malice DB Paddle. The Malice DB is super stable and it complements my playing style, like spinning the ball and making quick grip changes for different shots.”
We are very excited to have Carrina as a part of Team ONIX. You can learn more about our Professional Pickleball players on Team ONIX at the link here. You can also check out all of our pickleball products on our ONIX website here. We could not do this without the support of our wonderful pro pickleball athletes. 

Carrina de Vera’s Pickleball Accolades:

  •  National Pickleball League Champions Pro Player for the OKC Punishers
  • Competes in the Senior Pro Division
  • IPTPA & PPR Certified Pickleball Teaching Professional Pickleball 
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