Eli Bertram

Eli Bertram, 17, of Mt. Carmel, Illinois, has been playing pickleball for five years, and plays at the 5.0 level. He recently began playing in professional events with the goal of becoming a top-ranked player in the future. He won his first Pro/open event in July after competing in Men's Doubles during a tournament Indianapolis. Eli also participated in the APP Next Gen Series tournaments where he achieved immense success against top pro players. He also has Singles wins over exceptional players including No. 8 ranked Pro, Jack Foster.

"Hard work and determination will help me get to the top level of the rankings as well as grow pickleball as a sport,” says Eli. “I enjoy training new players and helping with youth clinics.” 

Eli is currently playing in two-to-three pickleball tournaments per month and plans to start exclusively entering Pro events towards the end of 2022. He looks to compete primarily in APP, PPA, and DUPR events in 2023.

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