The Dura Fast-40 Pickleball: Why It’s The Tournament Ball Everyone Wants

It’s the pickleball professional pickleball players demand to use in tournament play. The Dura Fast-40 from ONIX Pickleball is the fastest ball on the market due to its material and rotomolded construction.

Professional pickleball player of Team ONIX, David Furman states it is the perfect ball to play the game as it was intended and “no tournament should be played with any other ball.” This is a statement we hear often from pickleball athletes all over. Furman adds, “The sleek and durable characteristics of the Dura Fast-40 allows for an all-around game to players at every skill set. The ball plays hard and fast for those that like a set pace, while the ball also still has easy touch and maneuverability for those players that prefer control and precision.”

The dynamic play that the Dura Fast-40 pickleball creates comes from the ball’s patented hole pattern design and its turbulent bounces. The Dura demands clean ball strikes with every swing in order to play at the top level. Pickleball players must hit the sweet spot on their ONIX paddles for ultimate control of play.

Lucy Kovalova, a top professional ONIX pickleball player, shares, “I really love playing with the Dura Fast-40 ball because it is fast, maneuverable, and performs very well in all weather conditions. Also, it most definitely rewards the better player on the court during play. That is why it is being considered the best tournament ball on the market.”

Other pickleballs level the playing field for players and are more forgiving than the Dura Fast 40 pickleball; which emphasizes the reasoning why our professional players prefer the Dura, it is made for the better players of pickleball.

Another professional ONIX pickleball player, Ryan Trefry, states that he also favors the Dura Fast 40 pickleball for his play and it is “hands down the best tournament ball out there. It is the fastest and by far the most consistent ball. Due to these factors, it rewards the higher skilled player on the court.”

What our athletes have said also prove why the Dura is the official ball of the Senior Pro Tour and the National Pickleball Tournaments. You can choose between neon green and yellow in color and these pickleballs come in a four pack or a 100 pack for those that want to stock up. If pickleball isn’t your sport, Dura Fast-40 pickleballs are multi-useful and can also be used for baseball and softball training drills.

Another one of our professional ONIX Pickleball athlete’s, Altaf Merchant, says he loves the Dura Fast-40 because the “ball has a unique texture that helps players produce spin without sacrificing speed.”

ONIX wants all pickleball players to play with the best pickleball on the market and be sure to recommend it to all other players as well. The detail put into making this ball and the whole process creates the longest lasting, highest quality pickleball on the market today.