Best Cold Weather Pickleballs

Are you looking for the perfect pickleball ball to play with in colder weather? It can be difficult to continue playing pickleball properly as it gets cold out because some pickleball balls can crack once the temperature drops. Thankfully, ONIX offers a pickleball that would be great for you and your friends to continue play without worry throughout the cold months.

The perfect pickleball to play with in colder weather is the ONIX Fuse G2. The ball is made with exceptional seem welding which offers greater durability that also resists splitting.  The Fuse G2 pickleballs also offer superior balance with strategically placed, precision-drilled holes. What is even better about this call for the cold is that the hardness of the ball increases significantly when the temperature drops below 50 degrees. Since the Fuse G2 uses a softer material, it does not feel as hard in temperatures below 50 degrees, making play more comfortable for you with this ball even if you are feeling a little chilly.

A second option of a pickleball that can be good to play with in the cold could be the original ONIX Pure 2 Outdoor Pickleball. This ball flies straighter in extreme outdoor conditions with it’s True Flight Technology, and offers consistent bounce shot after shot with its Authentic Bounce Technology. Like the Fuse G2 ball, the Pure 2 also has greater durability and resists splitting as well. This pickleball is also specifically designed for just pickleball play. The Pure 2 pickleball is extremely durable in all sorts of temperatures due to the high rubber content. The tradeoff is that the rubber content, causes the bounce height to be higher than the USA Pickleball limit. So, this would not be an option if an approved ball is required such as something for tournament play. However, the bounce height of all pickleballs is lower in colder weather so the Onix Pure 2 Pickleball plays near the bounce height spec in cold weather.

Even if you do not live in a super cold weather state, if you want to wake up and start your day off with a chilly game of pickleball, you are now aware of which ball would be the best and most comfortable to play with. You can never have too much ONIX gear, so be sure to check out the ONIX Fuse G2 Pickleball and the Pure 2 Pickleball along with our paddles and all our accessories that can make play even more seamless.

Now that you are aware of the two most reliable pickleballs to play with in colder weather, which one will you choose for all your cold weather play?

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