How to Choose your Pickleball

Which pickleball should you play with? Let us help you find out! At ONIX Pickleball, we offer multiple pickleballs to satisfy different players’ specific types of needs and play. In the following blog post, we are going to break down the difference between our ONIX indoor and outdoor pickleballs and how to decide between the ONIX DURA Fast-40, the ONIX Fuse G2, and the ONIX Pure 2 ball. With ONIX being the number one brand in pickleball, you have to read which ONIX pickleball would be best for you as you think about the type of pickleball player you are.  

Indoor or Outdoor Pickleballs

Indoor pickleballs are designed to be played with indoors on gym surfaces and other indoor facilities. Indoor pickleballs play a bit slower and do not skid as much. Designed to play outdoors in the natural elements and different types of weather, outdoor pickleballs have smaller hole patterns which makes these pickleballs less affected by wind and help play much faster.

DURA Fast-40

The ball of choice for many professional pickleball players and top tournament events, the DURA Fast-40 features a patented hole pattern that makes it more challenging than any other ball on the market, which is a key aspect of why pro players love playing with it. The ball plays unique each time with its flight and bounce due to a patented hole pattern. The DURA Fast-40 is USA Pickleball (formerly USAPA) approved and it is the official ball of the Senior Pro Tour and National Pickleball Tournaments. 

how to choose a pickleball - types of pickleballs

ONIX Fuse G2 

The ONIX Fuse G2 pickleball is the ideal ball for recreational players and pickleball clubs that want more durability out of a pickleball but are not quite up to the 4.0 playing level and above in order to use the DURA Fast-40 ball. The Fuse G2 is an outdoor pickleball that is USA Pickleball (formerly USAPA) approved.

ONIX Pure 2

The ONIX Pure 2 pickleball is the most durable ball that is also the longest lasting pickleball on the market. Yes-- it CAN be both at once! The added durability makes the ball even bouncier out of the package and requires a game to bring to regulation bounce height. This outdoor ball tends to be great for beginners as well as recreational players that tend to enjoy long rallies.

Now that you most likely have some more knowledge about which pickleball you should choose, feel free to shop our entire lineup collection of ONIX pickleballs here.


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