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Pickleball Sports Bags

ONIX has designed pickleball bags specifically for pickleball playing needs as well as other sports and occasions too in order to help you be ready for game day OR game day travel. Whether it's a quick trip to the court for practice or traveling across country for a tournament, you can easily transport your pickleball gear with us in one of our pickleball bags.

Show up to the court with everything you need in our ONIX Pickleball Backpack. The pickleball bag is designed to carry pickleball paddles, balls, apparel, and water bottles in five zippered storage areas to keep this equipment safe and secure during travel. The pickleball bag is designed to keep cool with breathable mesh panels on the front and back. The durable backpack can sit upright for easy packing and unpacking.

The ONIX Pro Pickleball Bag is a heavy-duty backpack designed with two large main compartments with thermal lining with space to hold six pickleball paddles on one side and shoes, clothing, and any additional accessories needed to perform your best on the other side. Also included in the bag are two large side compartments that can hold up to three pickleball paddles each and small accessory compartments with reinforced zippers.

Our Pro Team Paddle Bags are generously sized to carry all your pickleball or traveling needs anywhere you’d like. The durable polyester withstands tough abuse and features four zippered pockets including a shoe/wet storage zippered compartment. Easily carry the pickleball paddle bag with you using the hook and loop closure or with the padded shoulder straps.

The ONIX Pro Team Backpack is perfect for any day on the court or travel for any day as well, and it stores so much, you won’t even remember what it was like without it! Designed to carry anything from paddles, balls, to apparel, and water bottles in six spacious zippered storage areas to keep this equipment safe and secure during travel. The backpack comes in different styles and pink, orange, and white in color.

The Pro Team Sling Bag features a small accessories pocket for jewelry, keys, or watches, and an outer pocket to hold your water bottle, and also three zippered pockets and a padded paddle compartment to keep your paddle safe and secure. Easily carry the pickleball sling bag with the nylon handle/hook loop or using the padded single strap.

The ONIX Pro Team Mini Backpack is made with durable polyester material and offers padded shoulder straps and is great for a potential lighter day on the pickleball courts, or easy travel.

Our Wheeled Duffel Bag is great for storing anything you’d like. This duffel is super spacious and easy to transport because of the wheels and lightweight material. The heavy-duty rolling luggage withstands tough abuse and features four zippered pockets including shoe/wet storage zippered compartment.