ONIX Pickleball is the Official Paddle and Ball of the PPA Tour Cincinnati Open

September 8-11, 2023

ONIX Pickleball is proud to be the official pickleball paddle and pickleball ball of the Professional Pickleball Association (PPA) Baird Wealth Management Cincinnati Open, a PPA Tour Grand Slam event. The tournament is hosted at the Lindner Family Tennis Center in Mason, Ohio, from Sept. 8-11. This prestigious partnership underscores the ONIX commitment to excellence and innovation in the sport of pickleball.

To celebrate this great honor, ONIX gave away five Evoke Premier pickleball racquets online. Pickleball enthusiasts could enter to win online or attend the tournament and win one of 10 Evoke Premier paddles given away during ONIX professional pickleball player matches, including Matt Wright, Lucy Kovalova, and Callie Jo Smith. 

In addition, ONIX Pickleball and Pickleball Central, the world's largest company devoted exclusively to the sport of pickleball and the Official Retailer of the PPA Tour, have teamed up for another great deal. Attendees who visit Pickleball Central's on-site Pro Shop could receive a gift. Guests who purchase an Evoke Premier pickleball racket will receive an ONIX Stainless Steel Pickleball Water Bottle—a $39.99 value (while supplies last). This is an on-site-only pickleball tournament promotion.

The team at ONIX is thrilled to be the official pickleball paddle and pickleball ball of the PPA Tour and Baird Wealth Management Cincinnati Open, further showing its presence in the competitive pickleball community and showcasing its dedication to supporting athletes at the highest levels of play. The Cincinnati Open promises thrilling matches, showcasing the best talent in the sport, and providing excellent platforms for both players and fans.

"Our team is beyond thrilled to have ONIX serving as the official pickleball paddle and pickle ball for the PPA," said Jay Simmons, ONIX Pickleball Product Manager. "ONIX's motto is 'Play Your Best,' and we're thrilled that the best in the world will be playing pickleball with our balls and paddles, demonstrating both the growth of competition in Pickleball and our position as a leading brand." 

The Dura Fast-40 pickleball is used in more pro pickleball tournaments than any other pickleball. The pickleball is engineered for championship play and developed specifically for the sport. The ball is used traditionally outdoors in pickleball tournaments.

"As ONIX has been developing gear to revolutionize pickleball, collaborating with them to offer attendees a free gift made perfect sense," said Pickleball Central's John Cowley. "Since its founding in 2005, ONIX has dedicated its mission to growing and supporting the sport at a professional level, and since our beginnings in 2006, Pickleball Central has shared the same mission of developing the sport of pickleball." 

ONIX is the leading manufacturer of performance pickleball paddles, pickleball balls, and pickleball accessories, equipping professional players with technologically advanced equipment that is proven to make the sport faster, more precise, and more strategic. The future of pickleball looks brighter than ever! 

The Professional Pickleball Association is the professional tour for the sport of pickleball, organizing events and rankings for the top male and female pickleball players in the world and awarding more than $3 million in annual prize money. With more than 20 events in 2022 at world-class facilities like the Lindner Family Tennis Center in Cincinnati and the Darling Tennis Center in Las Vegas, the PPA Tour is the premier provider of professional and amateur events. The PPA Tour’s broadcast partners include FOX Sports, Tennis Channel, CBS, CBS Sports, and ESPN. Founded in 2018 and based in Salt Lake City, Utah, the PPA Tour provides an unparalleled experience for all, inviting players to compete and “play where the pros play,” as well as offering unrivaled venues, food/beverages, live DJ entertainment, VIP experiences, giveaways and games, pro player meet-and-greets, shopping, vendors, and more. For more information, go to www.ppatour.com.