ONIX Pickleball Partners With PPA Tour for Historic Tournament

To Air on CBS, Dura Fast 40 Pickleball is Official Ball and ONIX is Official Sponsor

ONIX Pickleball continues to be the number one brand in pickleball and is proud to partner with the PPA Tour to have the official ball of the Skechers Invitational Summer Championships on Aug. 12-14 in Pacific Palisades, California. ONIX is pleased to be an official sponsor of this historic event that will air live on CBS in the first ever pickleball tournament appearing on a three-letter network.

The Dura Fast 40 Pickleball will continue to be the official ball of all PPA Tour events through the year 2023. The Dura Fast 40 Pickleball is made for championship play, with it specifically being designed for the special game of pickleball. The ball is also very versatile in the sense that you are able to train for other sports with it, such as baseball and softball drills. With ONIX being the sponsor of the PPA Tour, they look to further continue in supporting and investing in tournament play at the highest level in the sport of pickleball.

"We are thrilled to share our continued commitment to investing in the sport of pickleball with our partners at the PPA," says Jay Simmons, ONIX Pickleball Product Manager. "At ONIX, we take great pride in supporting grassroots pickleball to grow the game for all players, along with manufacturing the preferred pickleball in the sport."

The ball of choice for professional players and top tournaments, the Dura Fast 40 uses a patented hole pattern machined directly into a single seamless piece, resulting in a game ball with perfect bounce, speed, and superior flight characteristics. With this ball being optimized for outdoor play and windy conditions, the Dura ball is USA Pickleball Association/IFP tested and approved for all tournament play.

This historic event will bring together top-seeded professional pickleball players for a mid-season championship event including ONIX's Lucy Kovalova and Matt Wright, both currently ranked No. 1 in women's and men's doubles, respectively, and Callie Jo Smith ranked at No. 2 in women's doubles. Lucy is from Slovakia and was on a national tennis team until she switched to the sport of pickleball and became a top player in the sport, she continues to win championship titles. Matt was formerly a tennis star at the University of Michigan. He was once spotted playing a mini-tennis game while at a country club when someone noticed and he was then recruited to play pickleball and immediately fell in love. He then partnered with Lucy and together they won the 2016 US Open. Along with continuing to succeed in the sport of pickleball, Matt continues his career as a district attorney in Kansas. Callie was born and raised in the state of Utah and also started of in tennis but was recruited to play in a pickleball tournament and began playing in the pro tour shortly thereafter. She has medaled in almost every tournament she's been in since then. These three pro pickleball athletes are ONIX athletes and their paddle of choice is the ONIX Evoke Premier pickleball paddle.