Pickleball Tournaments

Are you looking for upcoming pickleball tournaments? No matter what level of play you wish to compete — professional pickleball or testing your recreational pickleball skills for the first time against others, there is a pickleball tournament and competition for everyone. We'll share three of the largest national pickleball tournaments as well as resources to finding and registering for pickleball tournaments nationally or locally. 

  • Minto US Open Pickleball Tournament in Naples, Florida, from April 23 to 30, 2022
  • USA Pickleball National Indoor Championships in Hoover, Alabama, from June 6 to 12, 2022
  • Margarita USA Pickleball Nationals in Indian Wells, California, from Nov. 5 to 13, 2022

To learn more about upcoming pickleball tournaments in your area or across the country, visit pickleballtournaments.com.


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