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ONIX Tournament Pickleballs

Designed for competitive play, tournament pickleballs are intended for high-quality performance play. ONIX Pickleball is the proud manufacturer of the Dura Ball. The official ball of the Pickleball Canada Tour, each Dura Fast 40 Pickleball is manufactured to exacting standards as a seamless one-piece ball before our hole pattern is machined into it. The Dura Fast pickleball ball is one of the best and most used pickleball on the market. Our pro players mainly play with the Dura and prefer it for play and tournaments. The attention to detail in this process creates the longest lasting, highest quality pickleball on the market today. Buy your Dura Pickleballs in bulk. Each purchase includes a 100 pack of Dura Fast 40 pickleballs. Choose from two different colors of the Dura pickleball – neon or yellow.

These pickleball balls are specifically for the game of pickleball and the players with a patented 40-hole design keeping it the official ball of the Pickleball Canada Tournaments and the preferred ball by many. The ONIX Dura pickleball balls are a one-piece design built to perform and withstand all different types of competitive pickleball play and are also the fastest ball made within the sport as well. You can choose your color of neon green or yellow and they come in different size bulk packages such as a 4-pack or a big box of a 100-pack of balls as well so it’s all convenient for you for any type of play such as a tournament, practice, or drills you might need. Customers have said, “the Dura is the best ball there is. We love playing pickleball with this ball and we will not play with anything else.” The most DURAble pickleball ball on the market today and that’s one of the reasons players prefer it so much for their pickleball playing needs.

This ONIX ball is widely known as the “tournament ball” and is highly demanded by certain pro players nationwide. The ONIX Dura Fast 40 pickleball ball has a patented design with two sizes of holes drilled into each part of this ball. These two different sized holes and the hole configuration will help make the ball have a more aerodynamic flight while playing as well as with the rotomolded construction with a high-quality finish will provide an always consistent and seamless ball throughout play. The Dura Fast 40 outdoor pickleball ball is designed to play fast and features an even harder compound for immediate response straight to the paddle, which is the reason why this pickleball is preferred by the sport’s top professional players. This ball is recommended more for faster paced players and upper-level outdoor players. The ONIX DURA Fast 40 ball was the official pickleball ball of all PPA tour events throughout the year of 2023. At ONIX Pickleball, we carry several different types of pickleball balls including indoor and outdoor pickleball balls. Outdoor pickleballs often have smaller holes and are heavier for wind resistance when playing outside. Each ONIX pickleball is unique in its own specific type of way and is most of the time used in different settings and different types of pickleball play.