Lisa Naumu

After years of playing competitive tennis in high school, college, and at the pro level, Lisa Naumu decided to take a break from the sport after realizing her heart wasn’t in it anymore. She decided to try pickleball at a public park in Palm Desert, California, where she lives and began to feel that competitive drive come back. Since then, she’s been a dominant force in pickleball. Lisa plays with the Evoke Premier because it provides her with the pop she needs to drive the ball and helps her with her finesse game to dink and for third shots.

  • 2019 Gold Medalist – US Open
  • 2019 Silver Medalist – US Open
  • 2019 Bronze Medalist – US Open
  • 2018 Silver Medalist – USAPA Nationals
  • 2018 Bronze Medalist – USAPA Nationals
  • 2018 US Open Champion

Lisa's Gear

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