What Pickleballs Do ONIX Offer?

As you learn more about the game of pickleball, you also learn which gear best suits you and your play. At ONIX Pickleball, we carry several different types of pickleball balls including indoor and outdoor balls. Outdoor pickleballs offer smaller holes and are heavier for wind resistance when playing outside. Each ONIX pickleball is unique and in this blog post, we’ll break down the qualities of three types to help you make your purchasing decision.


Known as the “tournament ball” and demanded by pro players nationwide, the Dura Fast 40 pickleball ball has a patented design with two sizes of holes drilled into this ball. These two different hole sizes and the hole configuration help make the ball more aerodynamic and with the rotomolded construction provides a consistent and seamless ball. The Dura Fast 40 outdoor pickleball ball is designed to play fast and features a harder compound for immediate response which is why this pickleball is preferred by the sport’s top players.

ONIX Fuse G2

The ONIX Fuse G2 pickleball is the ideal pickleball ball for 4.5 level players and below. This outdoor pickleball ball makes the game more enjoyable because the ball is controlled easier than the DURA Fast 40 ball. Build up your skills with the ONIX Fuse G2 ball before graduating to play with the DURA Fast 40 pickleball ball.

ONIX Pure 2

The ONIX Pure 2 ball remains the ball of choice for recreational pickleball players and clubs. The longevity of the pickleball ball is unlike any other pickleball ball on the market. It’s the ideal ball for players that love long-lasting points, and the best choice for cost-conscious players and clubs.

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